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Master Club

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Credit Control Master is designed to handle the entire credit control cycle and offer a series of cost-effective packages..

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The debt collection solution for debts which have been outstanding for more than 40 days.

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Master Club

Master Club ensures bad debts do not become an added expense to your business.

Master Club has been designed to ensure bad debts do not become an added business expense. By addressing bad debt concerns before they happen you can effectively manage your credit and debt collection activities.

In one year Master Club saved a business £6,031 in legal fees on debt recovery, enforcement of CCJs and dispute resolution (savings on CPR fixed costs and solicitors hourly rates).

Master Club gives you access to: -

  • Top city solicitors at discounted rates.
  • Qualified Legal Manager.
  • Subject to defended matters legal costs all inclusive.
  • Enforcement of County Court Judgments.
  • Credit referencing.
  • Risk tracker.

We appreciate that debt collection can be a lengthy and time consuming process, this is why we analyse each case individually to ensure the quickest and most economical process to recover money owed to you.

For more information visit our dedicated Master Club debt collection site or alternatively call Master Collections on 0333 456 0374.