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Carlo Pegna

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An interview with Carlo Pegna on Star Radio

Carlo Pegna from Master Collections on Star Radio 107.9/1 FM discussing ‘debt’

Garry Mumford was joined by Carlo Pegna from Master Collections on Star Radio 107.9/1 FM to discuss ‘debt’. This is nothing short of a masterclass and an experts insight into how debt collection doesn't have to be placed in the hands of the courts every time.

Carlo Pegna (pictured left), the 2007 Institute of Credit Management Credit Professional of the Year and a commercial lawyer and credit management specialist, formed Master Collections in 2005. He is regarded as one of the UK's leading experts on debt collection and has built an enviable reputation as someone who can suceed in collecting debts where his competitors have failed.

Click on the audio player below to hear the interview:

Master Collections has a track record for collecting debts quicker than solicitors and where other debt collectors have failed. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a debt you would like us to chase, or wish to discuss anything you’ve heard in the radio broadcast.

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